Autumn Birches

Deep Woods

Covered Bridge

House through Woods and Brush

Springtime Pink

View of Sugarloaf


New England Seacoast Town

Apple Trees in Bloom


View of Williamsburg

Seacoast Surf on Rocks

In the Orchard (after Winslow Homer)

Widnau Barn

Daisies in Copper Pot

Coast with Seagulls

Village Center with Elders

Austrian Chapel

Riverside (after Corot)

Morning Light

Town on River

Snow Scene with Brook in Winter

Upper East Side

Blueberry Pickers no. 1

Blueberry Pickers no. 2

Silver Surf

Autumn Flowers

Woodland Brook in Winter Sunset

Weather Vane on Roof (after Wyeth)

River, Castle, Reflection on Water

Autumn Pond

Birch with Pink Flowers

North Sea

North Sea Study

Venetian Canal

Flowers (after Redon)

Hillside Sugarhouse

Girl Reading at Paradise Pond

Breaking Waves at Dawn

Woman Waiting on Snowy Path

Wildflower Field with Tree

Scene (inspired by Corot)

Flower Vase in Window

Yellow Tree in Woods

Trees by River

West Hill Bridge

Picnic by the River

Last House on the Point

Sugarhouse in Autumn

Paradise Pond

Moonlight on Maine Coast

New England Town on Water

Surf at Sunset

Red Barn in Autumn Foliage

Heather and Sea

Brook in Snow (after Twachtman)

Seaside Overlook with Railing

Devil’s Den

Waves on Rocks

Seaview Triptych

Cows in Pond

Woodland Brook


Hilltop House

Ducks on Hammond Pond

Red Mill on Waterfall

Seascape with Rocks

Daffodils by Rock

Girl Reading Under Birches

Seacoast Overlook with Bench